Electronic Communication

Shareholders can choose the convenience of receiving all shareholder communications by email.

At Abano’s discretion, shareholder communications sent electronically may include the annual report, interim report, transaction statements, payment advice and any other company related information that Abano deems appropriate to send via electronic means.

By receiving all your shareholder communications electronically, you will reduce your impact on the environment, receive information in a faster, more timely manner, contribute to reducing the company’s costs associated with printing and mailing, and you will be able to access all documents securely, conveniently and at any time.

We encourage all shareholders to access our company communications electronically as this reduces costs and benefits the environment.

Register to Receive Electronic Communications

Email enquiry@computershare.co.nz with written confirmation that you wish to receive all future communications electronically. Please include your Shareholder Number in the email and write Abano Communications in the subject line.


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Update Your Shareholder Details

You will be directed to the Computershare website, where you can view your portfolio of investments and update your details, including change of address, banking instructions and IRD number.

Update Your Shareholder Details (Computershare website)