Notice of Financial Assistance

Notice of provision of financial assistance not exceeding five per cent of shareholders funds (Section 80(1)(b) of the Companies Act 1993)

The company gives notice in accordance with section 80(1)(b) of the Companies Act 1993 that on 22 March 2006 it provided financial assistance to Mr Alan Clarke, Mr Richard Keys and Mr Andrew Tapper for the purchase of shares in the company in accordance with the company’s executive share scheme (“Scheme”) approved by shareholders on 23 September 2005.

Details of the assistance are set out below.

Alan Clarke 153,846 Ordinary shares $240,000
Richard Keys 77,564 Ordinary shares $121,000
Andrew Tapper 77,564 Ordinary shares $121,000

Consideration was provided by way of an interest free loan to the relevant executives in accordance with the Scheme