Notice of Independent Directors Amended

Further to the market announcement released on 21 November 2007, Abano Healthcare Group Limited advises that Trevor Janes was incorrectly listed as being an Independent Director of the company.

Mr Janes is deemed not to be independent due to his role as a director of Salvus Strategic Investments Limited (a substantial security of holder of Abano Healthcare Group Limited) which constitutes a Disqualifying Relationship under NZSX Listing Rule 1.1.2.

For the purposes of the Masthead Portfolios Limited partial takeover offer, and any other offer which may emerge, Mr Janes has confirmed that he has taken no part, and will take no part, in any deliberations by or on behalf of Salvus in connection with its shareholding in Abano Healthcare Group Limited, and is therefore able to participate in the board’s deliberations on the same basis as the other directors.