Ascot Radiology opens new PET CT scanning centre

The Prime Minister, John Key, today officially opened Ascot Radiology’s new $5 million PET CT scanning centre.

Accuracy, timeliness and precision of diagnosis and treatment are top of the wish list for any person diagnosed with cancer. And now, with the launch of a new, world class PET CT scanning service, Ascot Radiology will be helping patients and their doctors in the fight against cancer.

Ascot Radiology’s new PET CT scanning centre was officially opened today in Auckland by the Rt Hon John Key. The new centre offers some of the world’s most advanced technology and scanning equipment, with many additional and beneficial features unique to Ascot Radiology and in New Zealand.

Abano Healthcare Group has a 71% shareholding in Ascot Radiology. Managing director of Abano, Mr Alan Clarke, commented: “Our continued investment into world class facilities and leading edge technology and equipment enables our clinicans to provide the best possible care to patients.

“Access to PET CT scanning in New Zealand is well behind other first world countries with the Ministry of Health previously funding many patients to travel to Australia for scans.

“One reason for this has been the necessity to import the isotopes required from Australia. However, a New Zealand-based supply source is now available and demand for PET CT scanning is expected to increase as access improves.”

PET CT scanning is the most advanced diagnostic tool in the world for identifying and fighting cancer, assisting doctors in determining the most appropriate form of treatment. It can help avoid unnecessary surgery or provide reassurance that more radical treatment is the most appropriate option.

PET CT scanning can also be used to monitor the outcomes from chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as measure future cancer growth or remission.

Regular follow up scans are recommended for all cancer patients, but along with this comes the need to balance the best possible scanning with the desire for the lowest possible radiation exposure.

With this in mind, Ascot Radiology has invested in specific new reconstruction technology which greatly reduces the radiation dose, a feature which is unique to Radiology and not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

Additionally, the image quality is greatly improved by ‘Time of Flight’ technology and motion correction technology to reduce the effects of the patient’s breathing movements on the image.

Patients can book appointments at Ascot Radiology’s new PET CT scanning centre by calling 09 520 9550.