Notice of Director Independence

Following the Annual Meeting of Abano Healthcare Group Limited (“Abano”) held on 30 October 2012, and pursuant to NZSX Listing Rule 3.3.2, the following directors have been determined by the Abano Board to be

Independent Directors as defined in NZSX Listing Rule 1.6.1:

  • Trevor Janes (Independent Chairman)
  • Susan Paterson
  • Danny Chan
  • Ted van Arkel
  • Philippa (Pip) Dunphy

The following directors are not Independent Directors due to a Disqualifying Relationship as defined in NZSX Listing Rule 1.6.1:

  • Alan Clarke: An executive of Abano
  • Peter Hutson: An executive of the Abano Group and Associated Person of a Substantial Security Holder of Abano