Abano Warns of Solicitation Calls in Regards to Offer

Abano Healthcare Group Limited (NZX:ABA) and other parties have been made aware that an Australian solicitation call centre has been hired by Healthcare Partners, to contact Abano shareholders in regards to Healthcare Partners’ partial takeover offer for Abano.

As the call centre is a related entity of Abano’s share register, Computershare, this has caused confusion for some shareholders. This approach has not been approved or authorised by Abano, nor is the firm calling on behalf of Abano.

Abano advises shareholders to seek professional financial or legal advice if they have any questions in regards to the offer and in particular, on any information provided by the call centre hired by Healthcare Partners.

The Abano Board urges shareholders to take no action in response to the solicitation calls and continues to recommend that shareholders reject the partial offer from Healthcare Partners, a company associated with Peter and Anya Hutson and James Reeves.

Healthcare Partners bid to gain control of Abano is gaining no traction with only 1% of shares tendered into the partial offer as at today’s date. Consistent with comments from major institutional and retail investors, two large independent broking firms have advised that they also agree with the Abano Board’s recommendation to reject the offer.

There is no benefit in shareholders accepting early as if Healthcare Partners reaches its target acceptance level in the last seven days of the offer, the closing date will automatically extend by 14 days and the Abano Board will advise shareholders of the options available to them at that time.

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