Abano to Live Stream Special Meeting

Abano Healthcare Group Limited (NZX: ABA) advises that the special meeting being held at 10.00am on 20 March 2020, will now be accessible online.

Shareholders will be able to view the meeting proceedings online at

Shareholders will not be able to participate in the meeting online (for example, ask questions or vote online during the meeting) and are therefore encouraged to vote by proxy before the meeting.

Proxy votes close at 10.00am on Wednesday 18 March 2020.[1]   Information on how to lodge a proxy vote is set out in the Scheme Booklet.

The following protocols will apply at the special meeting:

  • Every attendee at the meeting will be required to register, provide their contact details and complete a form confirming if any recent overseas travel; and/or contact with those who have travelled overseas; and any symptoms.
  • Given the unusual circumstance, Abano reserves the right to exclude any person who may present a health concern for other attendees at the meeting.
  • There will be access to hand sanitiser both outside and inside the meeting room.
  • Seats will be spaced apart.
  • There will be no refreshments served before or after the special meeting in order to limit social contact amongst a large group of people.

Importantly people are asked NOT to attend the meeting if:

  • They have returned from travel in the 14 days prior to midnight on Sunday 15 March 2020 from Mainland China, Iran, Republic of Korea or Italy, irrespective of whether they are experiencing symptoms or not; or
  • They have returned from travel to any overseas countries since midnight on Sunday 15 March 2020, except for Category 2 countries as listed on the Ministry of Health website; or
  •  They have a fever or signs of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath etc).

The Abano Board requests that shareholders who fall within these categories, or who are unwell, or who wish to avoid large gatherings, vote by proxy before the meeting.


[1] In accordance with the initial orders of the High Court (released to NZX on 14 February 2020), Abano reserves the right to accept proxy votes received after 10am on 18 March 2020.

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