Corporate Governance

At Abano, we are committed to conducting business in the right way, ethically and in line with our legal and regulatory obligations, to ensure we add long-term value to our staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Abano Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of corporate governance within the organisation by adopting appropriate governance processes to manage risks, provide transparency and protect the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.

A summary of Abano’s governance actions and performance against each of the Principles in the NZX 2019 Corporate Governance Code in FY19 can be downloaded here: Corporate Governance FY19.

The corporate governance policies, practices and processes followed by the Board are set out below:


Board Committees and Charters

Board Charter

Health and Safety Charter


Risk Assurance & Audit Committee

Mike Schubert (Chair), Dr Tracey Batten, Pip Dunphy

Risk Assurance and Audit Committee Charter


Governance & Remuneration Committee

Dr Tracey Batten (Chair), Murray Boyte, Dr Ginni Mansberg, Pip Dunphy

Governance and Remuneration Committee Charter


Governance Policies

Abano Code of Conduct

Directors Share Plan and Policy

Directors and Senior Executives’ Remuneration Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

External Auditor Independence Policy

Health Safety & Wellbeing Policy Statement

Market Disclosure Policy

Share Trading Policy


Company Constitution

Abano Constitution as at 25 November 2019